Frequently Asked Questions

Rental & Pricing

What information is needed to receive a quote from Relicwood?

As always, the more information we have about your event, the venue and your rental needs, the better.

Here is the baseline we need to provide you with an initial quote.

  • Contact name, email & phone number
  • Venue name/address
  • Company and/or Show name (if applicable)
  • Type of event
  • Install day & time
  • Strike day & time
  • Labor services needed
  • Pickup/drop off
  • Drape and dimensions or scenic requested

How do I set up payment terms with Relicwood?

Relicwood accepts payments by credit card and/or check. Initial reservation is secured by 50% payment at time of reservation approval and remaining balance upon completion of event. Any other terms must be discussed/approved before signing contract.

Pipe & Drape

What is pipe and drape?

At its core, pipe and drape consists of steel bases, aluminum pipes (both vertical/telescoping uprights and horizontal drape support rods / crossbars), and fabric drapes.

By industry standard, pipe and drape begins with 6 lb. to 62 lb. bases, as dictated by the height and weight of the drape. As required, base weights are added for safety and stability per industry specifications.

Do you have the same inventory of drape in all locations?

Our standard drape inventory includes: Velour, PolyteQ and Sheers
Our special drape inventory includes: Satins, Sheers, Velour & Banjo, Patterns, and Textures.

What drape colors do you offer?

Our coverage includes the following drape colors and fabric types as a standard:

Velour: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Brown, White, and Gray
PolyteQ: Black, White, Ivory, Brown, Red, Blue, Gold, Khaki, Purple, Pink, and Silver
Sheer: White and Ivory

We also carry a variety of specialty drape colors, patterns and textiles ideally suited for high-end, upscale corporate events, weddings or social gatherings.

What fabric types do you offer?

Our coverage includes a variety of fabric types, patterns and textures inclusive of: Velour, PolyteQ, Sheer, Satin, Banjo, Sequins, Damask, Clipjoint and Burlap.

What fabric finishes do you offer?

Fabric finish refers to the top and bottom of the drape. Our drapes are typically finished with a 4″ to 6″ pipe pockets that allows for the sleeving of the drape directly onto the hardware. Drapes in excess of 25’ in height also include grommets and ties allowing the drape to be tied directly to a pipe, such as truss or existing theatre pipe.

What are the drape height(s) offered?

We inventory a wide variety of drape heights to meet our customers’ needs. Full panel sizes are available in heights from 8’ to 40’ tall. Headers or valance panels are available in these heights: 1’, 2’, and 3’. Custom heights are also available for an additional fee.

How wide are your drape panels?

Our standard event drape panels most frequently rented are PolyTeQ and Velour. Our standard panel widths are designed to be set in 10’ increments. Our specialty drape fabrics come in a variety of widths based on fabric type, pattern and texture.

How is your drape priced? Per linear foot? Fabric type? Height?

The rental price for drape varies depending on a variety of factors including: choice of drape material–fabric type, height of drape panel, linear feet required, and whether labor and hardware are needed.

How tall can your drape be ground supported?

Typically, up to 16’ of drape can be ground supported from a temporary structure (pipe and bases). If it’s taller than 16’ it typically hangs from a structural piece of the building or has reinforced foundational support, from the ground up. With industry-standard structural support, we can install drape up to 22’ high.

What is the cost of installing a draped ceiling treatment?

Each venue (ballroom, barn, tent, country club, arena, office space, etc.) is unique, so, there are no set prices. To provide the optimum design for the venue, budget and experience desired, we offer complimentary reviews and estimates based on a careful review of the venue selected. Estimates for ceiling treatments vary based on many factors including: available rigging points, whether there is a need for a scissor lift, design and size of the desired ceiling treatment, fabric selection, lighting integration, etc.

Is there a minimum charge for delivery on drape rentals?

We do have a minimum order charge for deliveries however this varies per market. Please reach out to your local sales manager and they will be able to provide additional information.

Contact a sales representative with specific budget questions.

Do you provide labor services to set up the pipe and drape?

We absolutely can provide labor services to install and dismantle the pipe and drape rented. Our team is highly trained to efficiently, effectively and safely complete the installation of the drape products rented. If labor is not needed, we offer dropoff and pickup services.

What is FR and IFR?

FR (Flame Retardant) refers to fabric that has been topically treated with a flame retardant solution. FR-treated fabric needs to be re-treated over time or during cleanings to remain flame retardant.

IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) refers to fabric that is woven with flame resistant yarn or treated during the finishing process, thereby guaranteeing its safety for the life of the drape.

Both FR and IFR meet the industry standards set forth by the NFPA 701 Small Scale. Certificates are available upon request for all our rental drape.